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Anglo-Saxon Israel is designed to be a comprehensive portal to true Christian Israel Identity websites, books and resources. This website is not associated in anyway with the spurious anglo-saxonisrael.com, a website which is operated by a company calling itself "Eli James Publishing" and owned by a Jew named Joseph November (aka Eli James).

Meet the Novembers (or November Exposed in JewLie)

Joseph November, in an email to Don Brown, under his alias 'Eli James' wrote:
From: Eli James
Date: 7/29/2013 7:44:54 PM
To: donbroxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.net

That's not my real name either, Don. Clifton Emahiser just invited a lawsuit for slander. :| *:| straight face

Joseph November now denies that his name is November. We proved differently in Answering the Shills, Part 1. It really beats the hell out of me, how you can sue someone for calling you by a name which you have actually used to write that person with - for the proof of which one can see the associated post in this forum: Eli James First Wrote to Clifton Emahiser as Joseph November.

Here on this page is a plethora of irrefutable proof that Joe November IS his real name!

Separated at Birth?

The facial features, the hairline, the skin tone, even the teeth, the resemblance is so uncanny that this Jewish rabbi and the Jewish Joseph November (aka Eli James) from Chicago are more than mere doppelgangers: they must have actually been "separated at birth"!!!

But as Skip Baker loves to say, the Jew Joseph November is so stupid that rather than marvelling at the resemblance, he instead denied looking like himself!!!

Press TV scrapes bottom of barrel, universalist jack-of-all-trades Eli James happily complies

The Jew-posing-as-CI-pastor calling himself "Eli James" recently appeared on Press TV, but not as a "CI pastor". Rather, he is now playing "radio host and political commentator", just as in the past and in other venues he played "prophecy expert". Just like a chameleon, November is fast to come up with aliases and alternate identifiers whenever it is fitting. He is also fast to cast in his lot with arabs and all the world's bastards.

If Palestine was given to the true children of Israel forever, do Palestinians really "have rights in Palestine", as November asserts here? Palestinians are not children of Israel! Therefore, November is a fraud, no matter what he is found doing. Here, he casts pearls before swine once again.

Oh, and it ain't the "zionists", it's the "Jews"!


C.H. Spurgeon Explains the Ministry of Eli James (Joe November)

"A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns feeding the goats."

- C. H. Spurgeon

William Finck Exposes the Shills, Part 5


William Finck Exposes the Shills, Part 4

Joseph November wrote:Likewise, his claim that I am a “universalist” is laughable, as I have never deviated from the doctrine of absolute racial segregation.

Oh yes he did, when he told Jose the Mexican on Republic Radio that all races were supposed to work together, and that we get that from Scripture, and he said Israelite separation was only a separation of worship! The proofs of this are from his own podcast and it was reproduced in our Universalism of Eli James program in March.

See The Universalism of Eli James

William Finck Exposes the Shills, Part 3


Last week our presentation ended with a replay of one of Joseph November's appearances on The Waterman Files, where he appeared with a clown named Terral Croft, predicting doom and gloom with the supposed passing of “Nibiru” and the havoc that it would have on all the earth, especially the American heartland.

If you missed it, it is posted in this forum with Part 2 of this series, however here is a link to the video: http://john844.org/nibiru-crop-circles-and-eli-james
Here we will begin by recalling some of November's “Judgment Day Perspectives” emails which have espoused similar ideas. We do this because Joseph November (who is the person playing the role of Christian Identity “Pastor Eli James”) has denied ever having made any specific prophetic statements.

Some Eli James Emails follow. While some of these emails were quite long and only parts of them were presented for the program, links will be provided to pages which contain reproductions of the originals.

Joseph November wrote:Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter May 18th, 2009

ITEM #6:  OH, GREAT!  Just when I was feeling comfortable that we have at least 3 & 1/2 years left to prepare, along comes another guy and says Nov. 28, 2011 could be JUST AS IMPORTANT!   You will have to ignore a lot of New Age gobbledygook, but he may be on to something!

See the full email here: http://forum.christogenea.org/_hold/Mail_November_2009-05-18.html

Did he really say that? “You will have to ignore a lot of New Age gobbledygook?” Half of his website and most of his emails are filled with “New Age gobbledygook”! The entire “Mayan End Date” imbroglio was “New Age gobbledygook”, and it all should have been ignored!

William Finck Exposes the Shills, Part 2


In the first part of our second program “Answering the Shills”, I talked at length (I am certain it was too much so) about how this is not about me or my ego. Rather, it is about how Christian Identity should be defined. It is about finding what is the truth of Scripture, and standing for that truth. It is Joseph November who continually makes this about me, or about himself. In the podcast we did together in March, The Universalism of Eli James, Sword Brethren and I had raised a series of points – playing Eli's own statements for all to hear – which Joseph November (who plays the role of Eli James) has never answered. That program was all about doctrine. However Josrph November only seeks to obfuscate the facts by raising great clouds of dust with personal attacks and cries of persecution. Like the typical Jew that he is (his name proves his heritage) Joseph November plays the victim as he attempts to plant the knife into your backside.

Here we will continue to present and answer Joseph November's paper, “Shills are us” which is really only a series of straw-man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and other ploys aimed to discredit me. Joseph November uses all of these ploys so that he can raise great clouds of dust, and escape without addressing any of the actual issues. We will address those issues once again in a future segment of this podcast.

Joseph November wrote:    If you read the essays of Bertrand Comparet, Dr. Wesley Swift, Arnold Kennedy, Howard, B. Rand, Dan Gayman, Willie Martin and virtually all the others, hatred towards non-Whites is either completely absent or negligible.  CI has never been about hating the other races.  It is only about loving our own Race and our Father, Yahweh, and His Son, Yahshua.
But William Finck has raised the art of racial hatred to the level of dogma.

            Obviously, we are obliged to point out racial violence against our own people; but we must also point out that racial violence against us has always been instigated by the perfidious Jew, who are the only documented descendants of the Edomites of Scripture.  I have documented the absurdity of trying to equate the other races with Edomites in “Beast of the Field.”  That document should be compared with William Finck’s writings on the subject, so you can determine for yourself whether the Extermination thesis has any merit.

            As I have been saying since 2003, “Anyone who espouses hatred and violence is an enemy of Christian Identity.”  The Bible says hundreds of times that, if we Israelites would simply obey His laws, no enemy can harm us.  It also says “Who can make war against the beast?”  We Christian Israelites are NOT to engage in pre-emptive violence, like the Jews do.  At the same time, we are to be constantly prepared to do battle in self-defense.  The Second Amendment is our political guide and Luke 22:36-38 is our biblical guide for the Second Amendment.  Because the Bible is so clear that He protects His obedient, righteous children, anyone who agitates for unbiblical hatred and violence is working for the Synagogue of Satan.

In the paragraphs above, Joseph November creates two straw-man arguments. The first is that I “equate the other races with Edomites”, which cannot be found in any of my writings, and is therefore a lie. The second is that I have ever urged or incited violence against non-Whites, which is an absolute lie. Notice how November creates the straw-man argument so that he can abscond the moral high ground, as if it could actually belong to a liar.

Nibiru, Crop Circles and Eli James

This video was discussed at length in William Finck Answer the Shills, Part 2, and played at the end of the program.


William Finck Exposes the Shills, Part 1


Here is the first installment of our answer to Joseph November's appropriately titled "Shiils are us". He is a shill indeed.

It is time for Joseph November to be dragged out of the closet: The Great Impersonation is over.

The original podcast is posted here (from where it can be downloaded):

Here I will answer the lies of Joseph November (aka "Eli James") one step at a time. I will not be able to include everything which I have said in the podcasts, but all of the major points will be addressed.

First, let me state that Eli's biggest complaint about me seems to be what I teach about the origins of the non-Adamic races. But Eli claimed to have read and liked my work before he ever contacted me, which is why he sought to contact me - and he did - while I was still in prison.

The Universalism of Eli James


From William Finck of Christogenea.org:

This program is based upon a selection of Eli James' own statements, recordings included so they can be heard directly, which prove beyond all doubt that Eli does not understand the basic concept of "kind after kind", what White is, and the nature of the Wheat and the Tares.

The program also completely deconstructs Eli's claims concerning certain Scriptures which he uses to support his artificially constructed eschatology, including Isaiah chapter 13 and Ezekiel chapter 18.

Everyone and anyone familiar with the rift between William Finck and Eli James should listen to this program! As should anyone who cares about or is interested in Christian Identity Theology.

Eli James: Flying Under False Colors

Eli James' real name is Joseph November. This is easy to demonstrate, since Eli's business, "Eli James Publishing", is a registered DBA in the State of Illinois, uses the same Chicago address as Eli James, and the principle of that business is listed as Joseph November. Therefore the man behind the mask of "Eli James Publishing" is indeed one Joseph P. November. The following links prove this assertion:


Eli James has labelled William Finck as a "race traitor" for pointing out this public information concerning his real name. Eli James has accused William Finck of somehow "publishing his address online". However it is Joseph November who had HIS OWN ADDRESS published online in these public records, the very day that he registered "Eli James Publishing" as a business so that he could (semi-) legally operate under the name of "Eli James"!!!


Christogenea.org is the world's most comprehensive and scholarly source of original Christian Israel Identity research and information.

The Saxon Messenger

The Saxon Messenger  is a website and monthly publication aimed at distributing both Christian Israel Identity Biblical interpretation and social commentary addressing the state of the White race today


Christreich is the home of William Finck's Commentary on the Revelation of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ. It surpasses all other attempts to interpret the Revelation by a wide margin. It fully demonstrates the truth of both the Historicist interpretation of prophecy and the efficacy of the Word of God